By strawhouse

Wedding Day

Our weddding day! And what a magical day!! I keep having happy flashbacks of different moments. I was expecting it all to be a blur but it's actually all remarkably clear in my mind.
I think I was still in complete denial about the whole thing until I stepped out of the hairdressers at 12pm!! Up to that point I had been calm and coherent. Once I was on my way back to the hotel I became less calm and pretty much incoherent!! It hit me like a ton of bricks that I was about to put on a big dress, high heels and make up, and then get up in front of nearly everyone I know and get married. How could I have missed that before?!!!
A couple of glasses of Bucks Fizz helped immensely!

A few memories:

- My dad's reaction when he saw me.
- Realising as I chatted to the Registrar outside the ceremony room that I'd forgotten both my veil and my bouquet! The lovely Craig rushed up to get them just in the nick of time!
- Having to stop halfway up the aisle as Miss L refused to go any further and wanted Papa to pick her up. Saying "Hi" to all the faces staring at me as I stood there!
- Hearing Mr K's beautiful vows. Shaking so much I could hardly read mine!
- Putting the ring on the wrong hand (which, of course, my numpty husband had held up to me!!!) The Registrar had to point it out!!
- Gloss police!!
- Mad dancing with my beautiful friends - Castles in the Sky for Mrs G
- The gorgeous flowers and decorations. My mum made the rooms look incredible - crystal, white, and silver. My beautiful orchid from Miss T.
- Watching the Grand National on a TV brought into the bar especially for me!
- The candles and lit birdcages in the dark
- Fluorescent hooping in the dark room
- Being mobbed by everyone during hokey-kokey New York, New York
- Realising that I have very special friends

My Vows:
Standing here, surrounded by our families and our lovely friends, I want to tell you how much I love you.
You're my closest friend and my perfect Match.
My Person.
I knew from the very first second that our lives were about to change forever
And here we are nearly six years later with two beautiful daughters
And - for me - a life unimaginably more complete than it was before.
I didn't know it but I was just waiting for you.
Today I give myself to you in marriage.
I promise to encourage and inspire you
To laugh with you
And to comfort you in times of sorrow and struggle.
I promise to love you in good times and in bad,
When life seems easy and when it seems hard,
When our love is simple, and when it is an effort.
These things I promise you today, and all the days of our lives.
Thank you for Winking back.

Mr K's vows:
I promise to love you and to keep you foremost in my heart each day;
When time is short, I shall find more for you;
When we are unburdened then I shall choose to rest with you.
When you are happy, I shall be content; When you cry, I shall hold you and comfort you;
When you are busy at task, I shall be patient and try to ease your load;
When there is no easy course to steer, I shall be glad of your counsel;
When you are uncertain, I shall be there to listen to your thoughts.
Through all our days together I shall rejoice in our marriage; I shall rejoice in you, and in the person you help me become.
I promise to love the us we become in marriage, to see the world in the light of that love, and to look gladly on the dawning every day by your side.

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