One of our neighbours has a passion for old cars

... which he restores lovingly. This one had a short trip out onto the drive this morning and I had a call from my Blip adviser to come and photograph it while it was out. Not an easy task as I tried to avoid getting myself in the shot (failed) or some of the modern cars that are parked on driveways and roads. I will need to ask him to drive to somewhere quiet and secluded so that I can take photos in a more ambient setting.

At the time I was cutting more mats for framing prints and our builders were taking off doors upstairs as a prelude to fitting fire doors. We have the doors but not the hinges to hang them so we look like spending a fairly drafty night. They were supposed to come next day delivery but I guess that could mean anything up till 6pm this evening.

The building inspector has been - all OK. The pile of wood has been sorted out in the yard and divided among neighbours. The skip is being filled and the plasterer arrives tomorrow.

I'm just on my way to add another drawn mono-print layer to two of my still life prints. It'll either work or not - sometimes you've just got to take the risk!

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