Sunset on ANZAC Day

A day of remembrance ended in a quiet way on the West Coast, a little bit of colour, a calm sea with just a few rolling clouds above the horizon.

Lots of driving today, lots of stopping today. We left the small town which TeeJay and Kiwilizzie live in, leaving behind some drifting fog through the hills and a lovely blue sky. We stopped by a bridge just out of town where the reflections were magic on the calm Buller River - a breathtaking view with beautiful birdsong filling the air. We saw a fantail and rifleman right by the roadside while high up in the trees were a couple of tuis - amazing!

With the Buller River alongside us we drove through the Buller Gorge where the New Zealand bush graced both sides of the road, lush and green. The road eventually came out on the coast where the Tasman Sea looked very inviting with its calmness. We stopped for fuel and a few supplies before heading north to a little settlement where we had booked an old miners cottage right on the beachfront. The cottage is about 100 years old, warmish, cosy and has everything that is required for our few nights, apart from cell phone coverage. The front door is just about on the roadside and across the road is the railway line which is used to take coal from a nearby mine to Lyttleton. The trains have about 30 carriages of coal and thunder pass with a deep rumble, while our little cottage stands solid in its foundations, they seem to be about four hours apart, running through the night as well.

All is well with us, just a little behind as our internet connection is not the best. I'm rather taken with this boot which is just on our doorstep, well nearly :)

The weekend is nearly here, hope your all having a great week :)

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