After a night of heavy showers, waves crashing on the rocks sounding like canons firing and the trains rumbling through, I was pleased when dawn arrived, bright and ever so warm.

Hubby and I decided to head north till we could go now more, this is where we ended up, the start of the Heaphy Track in the Kahurangi National Park. It is a beautiful part of New Zealand where the bush almost meets the sea, where Nikau Palms, Tree Ferns and Cabbage Trees come together, where the Tasman Sea surges and forever changes the landscape while the peacefulness of the lagoon flows gently and quietly to meet the sea, a meeting of waters, bush, birdlife and huge sandflies! How do you keep sandflies off the lens - many shots were wasted because of these fiesty little beasties.

We had a great day, driving up through gorges with amazing views from the summits, an ever changing landscape with a surprising number of dairy farms and many, many Pukekos - it was a hard choice today but chose this one as there will be many more chances for views of the sea.

Many thanks for all your kind words and hearts for yesterday's sunset. We've had no luck with internet or cell phone connections, but I will endeavour to catch up as quickly as possible.

It will be a while before I'm back with comments, keep well blippers :)

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