Fog on the Estuary

In the quiet of the dawn trees emerge through the fog, ghosts from past times look like giants border along the estuary. They hesitate as if its to cold to sink their knobbly toes into the still water. Ducks drift by with the current, their heads bowed as if they're still sleeping, shags glide low across the sand dunes, nearly greeting me eyeball to eyeball with the flutter of their wings creating a draft as I duck out of their way. The odd honk from black swans echoes through the estuary while the high pitched shriek from gulls pierces the silence. All remains peaceful, calm and mild as the sun begins to rise just breaking the horizon behind me with fire before its gone, hidden amongst the cloud but creating a soft gentle colour through the dawn sky while silvery waves roll onto the shore behind me.

The fog slowly lifts revealing amber trees, no longer ghosts or giants from past times, a different scene of the estuary is revealed as the sun peeks out between the clouds and the sky lightens to sky blue. There is chaos as numerous calls are made, terns, dotterels, pied stilts, spoonbills, mallards, shags, black swans and of course gulls of various kinds all waking for the new day ready to feed as the estuary empties on an outgoing tide. It remains mild and calm as I wander along the beach, thinking of my daily exercise, taking a shot here and there until my battery dies - the new one hubby had got for me only lasts one hour, its a generic one. I was not too happy as it meant house jobs were calling.

Thoroughly enjoyed the quiet of the dawn, looking out onto a changing estuary, being by the sea, filling my nostrils with the drift of salt before heading to the gym for yet another hard workout and then coming home and having a productive day doing house jobs. The cloud remained for the day with odd bursts of sunlight filtering through thin layers, the temperature was a warm 20C before dropping to 15C mid afternoon and still dropping as I type.

Apologies for not commenting of late, just been lying low with my eyes and a thick head probably caused by allergies as my nose has been running to. Warm thanks to all who have dropped by leaving such lovely comments, stars and hearts, certainly has cheered me up and I really hope to be able to catch up over the weekend.

Happy weekend blippers :)

Amber Trees aligning the banks of the Ashley River.

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