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Crowing on about it

Last nights sleep was non-existent. Boys barky cough was so bad that it kept him awake so he had to come in with us to calm so that his crying would not stretch is sore voice anymore. This meant neither Wife nor I got much sleep either as we would get constantly woken by what sounded like a really bad version of the frog song.

Added to this Girl woke early so I then had to go into her room to keep her from waking the others who were finally resting. We now think that he does not have croup but in fact just a severe cough and strained throat as after he had some breakfast this morning he has been quite perky.

Even so wee decided he was not really up to the Superhero and Princess party that was on the cards today. So we Boy and I dropped Wife and Girl of at the party and then went for a snooze and a coffee. This was a shame as I was all ready to get the costume out for the bash. He had the snooze and I had the coffee. Whilst sitting in the car by the beach I got the attention of a gull with the aid of my Frusli bar. Just as I was taking some pictures along hopped this scraggy old crow to scare off the gull. It then at all the cereal bar delights only to then weirdly lie on the floor and caw with its head low. I think it was a warning to any other wannabe cereal bar eaters.

After a while we collected the others from amongst the many batmen, spidermen, He-men and a Superman with a better suit than mine before heading home to trawl through the party bags on the kitchen floor.

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