By wingpig

mobility impaired

I went for the cord rather than the exceptionally dusty keypad. The exceptionally dusty keypad would work better in stronger natural light so may appear another time.

Did very little yesterday. Bar a walk to get the paper and breakfast I didn't go for the usual weekend morning trundle as I have all day Monday to roam around taking pictures. Did a little internet tripod-research in the early afternoon and wandered out to buy one in the late afternoon. Nowhere near as pricey as I was expecting and as this is a failure-replacement purchase the price it did cost went almost uncommented. The fact that the previous one lasted sixteen years probably helped although the warranty on this one is three. Best get using it right away...

Not much of an evening-walk except to go to the Cameo to see a screening of Les Triplettes de Belleville with a "live soundtrack provided by..." sort of thing. I believe this performance has been up here a few times and goes round the country.
If it comes up again, avoid it.
Whilst the film is very watchable for the visuals alone the original soundtrack is very well done and (on the musical bits) extremely catchy. To see the three arsewits of Animat so completely not getting the original was hugely disappointing. The two performances of the signature song? The first one was barely audible behind the incompetent sample-racket and the second time it appeared THEY BLANKED OUT THE VOCALS COMPLETELY. There are few sounds better than female harmonies but these guys are too musically unaware to know it yet they dare to call themselves musicians. What made the second time worse was the fact that that scene was followed by one in which they basically just played a song with the vocal line intact. Then they tried to distract us with a sample of "The Message" but my memory is stronger than that. The wee bits where the grandmother whistles? Whistling obscured by a crap and out-of-rhythm whistle sample. The incredibly well-fitting and expertly-synched dog's barking? Almost obscured by a lackadaisical feeling-less beat which they employed for several long stretches when they couldn't think of anything to "re-interpret".


If you want to see a decent live performance of a film soundtrack go and listen to the Ennio Morricone Experience or the Spaghetti Western Orchestra if they don't change their name again this festival. If you want to see Belleville Rendez-vous just rent it out and listen to the sound as it was intended.

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