An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Can you see what it is yet???

THIS is, or I should say, will be, Alan's bedroom when completed!!! Hard to imagine at the mo!

Third week of building work begins tomorrow....think things are on schedule. Dust levels in the house still high but not quite as bad as last weekend! Braved taking my camera today but as soon as the pics were taken it was quickly put back in my camera bag and safely stashed away.

Great excitment as we now have broadband at the house! Sadly we only managed to get it all working about 5 minutes before we had to leave. Still, at least I won't feel so out of touch when there at the weekend :-))

Back home now and making dinner for us and stepdad John. Will be having an early night tonight as it was a bit of a late one with friends last night....I looked at the wine rack this morning and asked D why he had moved all the wine. I haven't moved it, we drank it! was his reply! Eek!!! Well there were 4 of us! ;-))

Feeling less stressed this evening as I think i have got to grips with the new laptop so can start looking at OU course work properly tomorrow....and introduce myself on the forums.....gulp!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend Blip Pals :)) xxx

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