1 year old birthday card

Yesterday's sort revealed this gem.

I can imagine Mum 49 years ago instructing suggesting to Stephen my older brother, he should make his baby sister a birthday card.

In those days cards were kept and recycled. Stephen would have carefully cut the card, removing the original recipient and penning his economical message. I must ask his about the significance of what appears to be a pair of copulating snails to the left of the birthday cake!


The photo on the right shows a pensive and worried Stephen a year earlier with his younger sister Jennie. Stephen flew to Wellington to stay with Mum's sister and family when I was born. He's about to board the Viscount plane in the background.

Stephen wanted a baby brother and when Dad told him he had another sister he said "I'll stab her". Dad reasoned a sister wasn't a bad deal. He wouldn't have to share his trucks or have a little brother getting into his Matchbox toys and mechano.

How wrong that proved to be ;-)

And if you're any good at maths you'll work out which decade I'm embracing on Thursday :-)

A bracing day today. I'd forgotten how cold it can get and it can get a whole lot colder yet. I got my car serviced today - another good job ticked off my list.

I also cleared out the top shelf of my wardrobe. This involved balancing on a chair holding the vacuum cleaner to clean up earthquake dust and debris. There was a staggering amount of dust and grit. But then we've had a staggering number of earthquakes.

One more big sleep until Mum and Dad arrive.

They're requested wild pork and blue cod. I've slow cooked a piece of wild pork we'll eat Friday night. We'll eat blue cod tomorrow night. It's mostly prepared. Mum will enjoy it. Not so sure Dad will as it's minus batter and deep frying.

Thursday night the hunter is taking us out for dinner :-)

A friend popped in to have an early birthday celebration drink with me tonight. I'm nearly asleep but I'm up to date.

Yesterday's blip. My Granddad in 1917 on active serivce in France.

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