What did I see today...?

By DaveR


Well it's taken a while but finally I've managed to unpack and shelf most of my stuff in the new house, comprehensively taking over the shelves I bought off my old landlord and turning the side of the lounge into a regular wall o' media goodness. It's got everything there from random TV series and films to my grandfather's stereo which has been following me around for a few years now - it's got tape decks but I lack tapes, a radio that doesn't work and apparently the speakers can be hooked into the TV somehow. All I know is it's got a 5-disc CD player and two built in sub-woofers that mean I can listen to soundtracks at an excessively noisy level if I want to.

The rest of the space has been given over to a few console games and my growing Cambridge collection of books and magazines. I already have a full shelf and a half back in Oxford, double-stacked, and upstairs in my room here there's another few shelves - I'm not all about the films all the time! I think for a possible future Blip I will have to build a book monument, much as I did with the DVDs once, though I'm not sure what I would surround with the books... suggestions welcome!

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