Around Leith with my camera #6

Looking at Sandport St. from Commercial St.

Early start today! 8.30am. Far too early for me! I'm just not a morning person. So, feeling a bit tired. Work was rather quiet, which I think must have been because of the nice weather in Edinburgh today. People made the reasonable decision to stay outside and enjoy the sun! That's what I would do anyway if I had not been working!

After work I went for a wander with my camera, since the weather was so good, and took a few pictures. On my way back I went to Tesco's, cashed my little prize and got myself something nice for my dinner. In Tesco's I bumped into my friend Karen, who I hadn't seen for ages although we are neighbours. Last time I saw her was a year ago and we said we would go out for a drink one day to catch up. Well, after a year... hahaha! Today we said the same again! :)

I think I'll have a glass of red as well!

I'll be off this weekend and I can't wait! I hope the weather holds for the weekend!

Thanks very much for taking time to have a look at my blips and leave comments. I do really appreciate it! I hope you all had a nice day! :)

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