a town called E.

By Eej

Irresistible II

I found all kinds of different Canada geese families on Maple Island - which was, surprisingly enough, open. That didn't mean I was free to roam around; the geese made sure I was kept away from where they assumed I could be doing harm. Add to that the red-winged blackbirds that dislike people even when they aren't protecting nests and it will be clear why I didn't get very far after crossing the bridge.

I took many other photos today and they were all almost good. Funny how that goes sometimes. In the end, this baby goose proved irresistible, again. Not just because it's stinkin' cute but also because I love round things in square crops :)

Friday's almost here! And Saturday the brewery will have strawberry blonde on tap. And there will be a giant moon. And it will all be awesome.
Except saying goodbye to the duckies.

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