It's not a cloud

Having had another blip hiatus I realised I was just trying to hard to get the landscape shots I want. For whatever reason the muse has left me at the moment and it's time to try and expand . I am using this pyschology on my brain and camera so that the minute I do indoor shots my creative outdoor photography side will come out of sulkdom and make it's self known again!!

Was reading what Kate said last night and sometimes you just have to go with what's there.

Had a day trying to recharge the batteries after a week of post marathon jet lag feelings .Had a massive lie in, some couch lounging and then an epic housework attack ( no of course it still doesn't look any different now ) .

After the week of job interviews, marathons and meetings to clear my name at work ( nb please note my clever way of pluralising all these things to make it look like I have done 56 marathons etc! Am such a drama queen * wipes brow with sheer exaustion of having to type a few sentences when tired* ) I decided 1: I am still tired 2: I wanted a treat

So this is my new silver bangle just because...

Happy Saturday folks xxx

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