Although the canal path was as muddy as it might be expected to be my feet would be protected by a fresh mudguard and the roads were promising to be extra-busy with all the extra cars required to drag people home from work in the absence of the usual volume of trains. As might be expected the vast majority of cars passing beneath were occupied by single occupants though they were at least managing to move steadily if not particularly quickly. I did see one train heading into town just as I was crossing the track at Gogar but it was only a two-carriage effort which must have been particularly fun for the occupants, especially if heating was on as it probably was. A little later at Cramond I was wondering what the hell the large crowd of people were up to, staring vaguely bridgewards at nothing in particular until I remembered a vague mention either on Flickr or the work photo club noticeboard about the QE2 docking at one of the Queensferries for some reason at some point soonish which was probably today. Ah yes: the farewell tour, this stop of which apparently featured a dance performance by tugboats accompanied by the spraying of water either by or near the cruise vessel itself. Oh well. Whatever floats... I assume a large crowd also assembled at each side of the Forth and along the road bridge walkway where they'd have had quite a good and close view but there wouldn't have been much to see for the vast majority of the crowd at Cramond and Silverknowes who didn't have any form of visible magnification on them.

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