By strawhouse

Apple Blossom

It rained, then the sun came out, then it rained again.
I've had a busy day and I am quite ready for my bed at 8pm, what a party animal!
Miss E had a doctors appointment this morning so I had to get to Bicester first thing. She's been referred for a hearing test as I think she's gone a bit deaf in the last few months - and not just selectively!! He said one ear does look a bit gummed up so hopefully it's just glue ear. We'll see.....
Then it was back to school with them and home to housework with me. Even by my low standards our house is a pigsty at the moment. I don't mind the clutter and chaos - I'm used to it! - but everything's getting a bit filthy now and I can't stand it any more!
I didn't get much done - the lure of child-free lazing about is so strong!! - but I did clean the hob and hoover round a bit. With Shake 'n' Vac which was fun! Remember the advert?

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