Robin at large

By Robin

Dowan's Hotel, Aberlour

The hotel stands on a hill just above the village of Aberlour. By road it seems further from the village than it is. In a different direction the bridge featured a couple of days ago is quite close, though far below.

I think it possibly rained pretty much all day without stop. I suppose that was fine really as I spent most of the day trying to see how I could upload 500 + photos to a web site. The issue was not so much the upload process itself, though this was very time consuming in the absence of a broadband connection. The problem was rather how to change the file size. In the end I did it manually on a one by one basis as I could find no way of doing it in a batch.

So a busy day, though somewhat tedious. Only another two hundred to do on Tuesday!

None of which has anything to do with the photograph, other than a couple of the walkers stayed here for a couple of nights. So there is a Kiltwalk connection.

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