It didn't seem as if there was much light at all today so I went out to look for a moody mono. Seemed a shame, what with a shiny new Blip interface to work with. I went up to Little Haldon heath for a viewpoint and under a heavy grey sky I could see a misty grey moorland in the distance.

I bracketed 7 shots, just for the hell of it really, sometimes there's some colour in there that I can't see. Nik Efex HDR Pro found it and I had to tone down the greens and yellows to get a shot that looked good to me.

OK, that'll do for now. I'm off to have a look round this spanking new website to see what we've got. Well done to BlipCentral, they seem to have done a great job. I've moaned about the old site so all praise for this new one.


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