Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Newport City Centre

It's rained all night and it's rained all day. I've had no calls out for three days, all the Christmas present shopping is done and I had only one card left to deliver locally, in Newport. My friend wasn't in so no coffee and a chat!

I don't go into Newport City Centre much as Cardiff is only 10 minutes longer travel wise and offers so much more. I just fancied getting a rainy city street blip. I like the one above the best. I hope you do too.

I'm slowly using stuff up from the freezer, and a fish pie is in the oven as I upload this to the new blip site. (I prefer the old one, it just needed tweaking and a faster server.) The room made will be replenished with turkey curries, made from the left overs of Christmas, to warm me up through to Spring.

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