Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

'CROW'-ded Tree

It was my first full nights sleep for two days so I woke up feeling refreshed. No sooner had Mrs BB left for work at 11.30am I had a call out, only to find my little Smart car had a flat tyre (turned out to be a Philips screw!) I always carry a battery power pack/compressor. Whilst inflating, the neighbour gave me a parcel a courier had left with them yesterday. It was two quality bottles of wine from a Travel Agent that we have had gifts off for the past three years. I will get a thank you off to them - great customer service.

The traffic on the roads today has been horrendous. Black Friday, with many people finishing for Christmas. A nice break if you can get it. I'm working all over Christmas and New Years Day. The 'double time' swayed me! I'll relax in January.

The blip photo is off a crow-ded tree by our house. Every now and again the crows all take off together, stretch their wings, and return. No tail-backs and delays up there!

Cardiff City are playing Birmingham (away match)tonight and it's on Sky tv.  I'll enjoy a glass of that wine at 10pm if they win.

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