... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Goosles: "Oats, please?"

More focussed in large...

Aw, the Goosles came rushing over (across the pond) to meet us when we arrived at Eagle Pond this morning. Well, by "us", I  mean my mother really, and by "my mother", I mean the oats that she takes for the Goosles... I think that they must see her as some sort of oat god, or "Queen of Oats".

The light was very patchy but there were momentary glimmers of warm light (and, alas, more persistent gusts of frigid wind...), and it was very nice to see the Goosles. Just as we were leaving, Mr. took to the sky and chased off a pair of interloper Egyptian geese in an impressive and noisy chase, before returning to Mrs. to perform an even more noisy "triumph ceremony" with her.

I've uploaded a few other Goosle shots to Flickr (right from Mrs. leaves the pond).

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