Learning day by day

By EmmaF

Festive Headgear!

Busy first day of the holidays. Supermarket for me before nine as I aborted a visit yesterday because of the flat tyre.

Back home both children were showered/bathed and had hair washed before we headed up the road to Ireland to the Black Horse for a meal with Jim's parent's family and friends. I was very proud of the way the kids behaved. They were both very well behaved considering the length of time the meal took and the behaviour only got messy when other people wound them up. So we made a swift exit, but to be fair we were already on our way as Jim was exhausted.

Will found my antlers when we got home. He has his elf hat, but he took a liking to these too.

Can I point out that this is NOT my five year blip birthday! My blip birthday is actually in August but the relaunch of blip has screwed this up by amalgamating my archived photos, which were posted for me and for blip book purposes, with my real blips. I am really, really cross about this!

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