Coming Down at Last

These units are finally coming down. They were damaged in the February earthquakes and it took a couple of years before the people got a pay out because there was more than insurance company involved. One wanted the building to be repaired and the other two didn't. It went to count in the end and finally the people got their pay out. As you can see in this photo I took in March last year the building had become very overgrown and people would dump all sorts of rubbish there.

When John got home from his walk he saw that they had started on the demolition. I went down and got talking to a guy that was going to do the salvaging,  he said that they were making the building safe by taking down the unsafe bits, then they go in. That may take until just after Christmas then they well start the demolition.

We talked for a while I found out he was from the North Island and he wasn't going back home for Christmas.. thought he would just spend the day in his caravan..that is really sad. He said he was down here to make money and if he went out he may spend it. I would say he was around 50. He also said that when they looked around the building three weeks ago all the hot water cylinders were there and now they have all been stolen along with other things.

I had to pay some bills and get a little shopping today and then I iced my Christmas cake. I put on marzipan first, which I did last week then today I made a brandy butter icing.

I had a missed called from Jamie this morning as he called at 6am and my tablet was down stairs and I didn't hear it ring. He did leave a message and said: He was going to miss the first day of his tour of India as the train was late by a few hours then it went very slowly. His Tour starts of in Trivandrum, south of India and ends up in Goa two weeks later. I did get another message later in the day and he said he had gone for a swim in the sea and the water temperature was perfect.

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