Welcome to the mad house

That is the house in Darlington on Xmas morning. We were civilised this morning and had breakfast before opening the presents. When the presents had been brought into the lounge and all 13 people were assembled, it was quite a sight, especially for Harry who has never experienced anything quite like this before.

My presents were heavily biased towards edible goods, especially chocolate, salted caramel. or even some things that combined both. Clearly my love of both has not gone unnoticed this year.

Spent a good part of my day in the kitchen cooking dinner, ably abetted by Andrew, and I think we produced a worthy dinner although Simon was the only person to clear his plate and Harry was a close second leaving only his Brussels sprouts, and I for one can forgive him that.

Evening is yet to kick off. Hopefully there will be games, drink and much later, just a little food as right now, I'm still full enough to burst. Roll on Boxing day - I already have the gammon joint cooking.

Panoramic shot was a bit of a failure but it's all I have to offer. 

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