Getting in some practice

With Madison, 1 year on from when this photo was taken. He seemed to be quite at home and so did Madison. I think he will take well to fatherhood and was sensible enough to point out that there is a huge difference between playing with a child and bringing one up. Let's hope his daughter/son is as placid as Madison was this evening. She was passed from pillar to post and never made a fuss.

Uncle Harold for dinner today - wasn't as dry as the turkey. Only joking. Inviting uncle Harold round for dinner on boxing day has become something of a tradition. He is actually Mags' uncle, and does really well for a man in his late 80s. Sadly, his own son doesn't see fit to have him over for dinner over the Xmas period, so we do. He really appreciates it and is good company. I look forward to many more boxing day dinners with him.

Whitby tomorrow and that can only mean one thing - fish and chips. I can't wait.

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