Uncle Harold for dinner

Slow cooked with a cheese sauce topped with leeks and melted cheese. Delicious, gammon being the meat BTW, not uncle Harold - he was our guest.

Pretty much a repeat of last year and Harold enjoyed it every bit as much. Popped round to see Helen and Paul this evening and that too was as it is every year, and there's nought wrong with that. Madison is growing up - 2 ish years old and running around like she's running on Duracell batteries. She really didn't stop all evening.

Looks like it is going to be sunny and cold tomorrow. That can mean only one thing - Whitby for a bracing walk and fish and chips. It snowed last year. Don't think there's much chance of that this year.

About to start a game of 'shit head' with the whole family minus Rosina. Whoever loses has to spend the rest of the evening wearing a hat styled on a pile of pooh. If we're feeling really unkind, they will also have to wear it in Whitby tomorrow.

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