Blue Hamish

By BlueHamish

Sleeping Rough

Matthew had 2 accessories for his hammocks for Xmas so wasted no time setting up a hammock between the two apple trees in the garden in Darlington. Assuming we don't have storms on the way overnight, he is planning on sleeping in this hammock tonight. He has brought his other hammock s well and plans to sleep in that overnight on boxing day as he wants to compare the two hammocks. Both have been used before, but not in such cold conditions. He must be mad.

Lovely Xmas dinner today and pretty stress free to prepare. After about 15 years of doing Xmas dinner for the whole family (up to 13 in previous years, but just 9 this year), I have got it down to a T. Lots of help from Andrew, Margaret and Rachel. Mind you, is never fails to make an impression on me just how quickly something that is hours in the making is polished off so quickly.

Went out for a stroll this evening to lay flowers on Donalds grave. Took the camrea, got some potentially interesting photos at high ISO in the cemetry only to find that I had once aain left the SD card in the laptop. Aggghhh. When will I learn.

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