Our family usually comes round today to celebrate my birthday on Boxing Day, but Son Number 1, who supports West Ham and our grandson, who supports Chelsea, were going to Chelsea to watch football, our granddaughter had to go to work, so our food and games will be tomorrow evening instead.

We had a wonderful day with our older son and his family yesterday and were quite tired, so missed the call from our younger son in Thailand early this morning.  When we eventually spoke to him he said that he forgets that 2 p.m. over there is only 7 a.m. here and quite understands that we don’t get up that early!  Mr. HCB, standing next to me, and Son Number 2 (in Bangkok) sang a synchronised Happy Birthday to me, which was very entertaining!

I then took a call from Son Number 1 who was on his way to London, and who also sang Happy Birthday to me accompanied by our grandson.  

After all that excitement, we set off for Burford, a lovely little town in the Cotswolds.  We had to park quite a long way from the High Street, and watched with amusement whilst this family from Malaysia took photographs using a “selfie stick” with their mobile phone.  We stopped and chatted with them (well you know me) and I asked if they would mind being my Blip for today - they were happy to agree - so here is a collage of our day.  

Mr. & Mrs. HCB - also a “selfie” but with no stick - think that needs to go on my list for next year!  One of my Post-its on a bottle of Prosecco in Maison Blanc, where we stopped for a coffee - no cake though as they were £4.50 each!!  Then the lovely Malaysian family and finally my dessert at The Golden Pheasant, after we had had Ham, egg and chips for lunch.  

A lovely morning, but we aren’t sorry to be back home with the heating FULL ON - well it is my birthday after all!!

I am so grateful to family - and friends from all over the world who, through the wonders of modern technology, have wished me a Happy Birthday.  Think it’s time now for a birthday drink and a few chocolates.

Birthdays are nature’s way of telling us
to eat more cake,
more desserts,
lots of chocolate
and glasses of wine
without feeling guilty!

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