Watching the watcher...

A had a quiet day yesterday to try and get rid of my cold - no great sacrifice as the weather was miserable. There was a little snow in the night, but it had melted by morning, even though Stamford, just 10 miles north of us, had a good covering.

Today was bright and frosty, so I escaped for a walk round Holme Fen, which proved slightly scary to get to, as the road, which had been repaired just a few years ago, has developed some impressive new potholes, and there was an almost complete covering of black ice. It was lovely to get out for a walk, even though wildlife was a bit sparse. I saw a distant pair of Marsh Harriers and was excited to find quite a few tiny, orange Moss Bell fungi in the heathy area. But after a lot of dithering I decided to post this fox, which stood and watched me for some little time - not scared - just inquisitive.

I believe today marks four years worth of blips for me. I originally started in early October 2010, but over the last couple of years my pace of blipping has declined as the rest of life has speeded up. I took out a life membership last spring, so shall continue to post as and when I can. The community spirit here is so warm and supportive that I wouldn't want to leave, and I'm optimistic that the site will improve over the coming months, as Joe and the team deal with all the teething problems associated with a new version. 

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to visit my journal and leave comments, hearts and stars - they are all very much appreciated even if I don't always have time to respond personally. 

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