On frozen pond (2)

It is another pond picture today, but this time taken from the surface , which was,  despite a slight thaw,  still firmly frozen.    I was using my new Go Pro Hero 4 for the first time as a stills camera and this would have been an underwater shot had it not been for the ice.    I got a number of interesting such pictures in the stream, but none were as good as this. 

Photography  is now  a central part of my daily life and experimentation with pictures (still and moving) interests me more and more.  

It  is  a good day for me  to reflect on that for today marks four years of blipping every day - some 1461 continuous blips (the one being the leap year day, of course).   In other words I have not missed a day since the 30th of December 2010 and have posted every day from Hogmanay of that year. 

Prior to then I had posted 108 blips since joining Blipfoto  in November 2009  (just after, I think, the site won a BAFTA which is how I found out about it as I was Culture Minister at the time) but it has been the every day experience of posting that has gradually made the difference in terms of what I see, what I look for and what I learn from here and elsewhere.

The re-designed site makes the experience better than ever so thanks Joe, Graham and the team  and thanks to everyone who comments here, or whose pictures I look at from time to time.   Now on to my fifth year ! 

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