Today is 365 0f 2014.  It is also a big day for me, Blip-wise, as it is 730 days since I became part of this wonderful world-wide Blip-Family.  I can hardly believe that is over two years since I sat in TussockTales’ living room in Wanaka and listened to the “Boss” tell us of Blipfoto…..saving our lives one day at a time.
I have long espoused the philosophy of living “One Day at a Time” so the concept was not new to me.  What excited and frightened me was the idea of capturing an image and posting it on the day for every day of the year.  But thanks to the Boss’s enthusiasm and encouragement I took the plunge on the first of January two years ago tomorrow.  I can hardly believe it…. An image a day for 730 days in a row.
Today I dedicate my image of a bouquet to a number of people.  First I give a bouquet to Joe Tree who in October 2004 put his dream and vision into action and developed  Thank you Joe – one day at a time.
Next I give a bouquet to all at Blip Central who work so hard to keep the whole of Blipfoto going and developing.  Thank you girls and guys.
Then there is bouquet for Keith, my husband who every day without fail asks “Have you done your Blip yet.” He often has useful suggestions for my write-ups and is a great spell-checker.  But I draw the line at asking his opinions of my photography.  Photographer he is not!
Bouquets must go to my long-suffering family and non-blipping friends who, despite dark mutterings about addiction still continue to support and encourage me.
As for my Blip-Friends… a thousand bouquets and thanks to you all, those already met in person, and those I feel real kin-ship with and are yet to meet in person.  I wish special bouquets for Rainie, Ricky Wilson, Mario, Lizellen, Riwaka7, FarmerGirl, Devon Dumpling, Paladian, Rower 2012, Anemone, Flying,  OldTimer, HPX, TeeJay, Spikes, SeaGypsy49,  FinnHall, Jaydee73,  Miffy, JMK, SueSouth, Philiphoto, Aliscotia, Stujphoto, GingerNan, Snowy, Possably, Splashie, Artist Annie, Tookie, Waipushrink..... and the list goes on.  I am sorry if I have missed any significant others but be assured there is a bouquet for each if you.  Thank you all and I wish you blessings galore for the New Year.  Arohanui.

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