Diana_Field Photography

By dianafieldphoto

Manoel Theatre, Valletta, Malta

Day 2 in Malta: It was pouring it down in the morning which delayed my plans a little. Headed out to Valletta which was over an hour on the bus and visited the Manoel Theatre and paid for the tour. I luckily was allowed on stage for a few minutes but they were teching for the evening performance so I couldn't stay long. I did spend about an hour or two in the museum and studying the auditorium though. It was amazing!

The weather had cleared up completely by the time I got to Valletta but when I came out of the theatre it was raining again. :( I continued to wander around the city before getting the bus to Mdina in the afternoon. At this point the rain had fully stopped and it left a chilly air but it was still nice. 

I visited the Fontanella cafe for a late lunch which overlooked half of Malta. It was beautiful and great value for money as well! When it hit sundown, I tried to find my bus back which took ages. The system is easy to follow there and the drivers are so helpful & kind so I wasn't worried about finding my way back. It took time but I eventually got back to my hotel late and went straight to bed! Exploring is tiring!

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