Every season has its merits for photography, but the best bit about winter for me is that I actually have a chance of catching a sunrise.  Let's face it, I'm never going to get up early enough at any other time of year.

Had a beautiful photo walk early (well, 8 o'clock) this morning, around Blackheath and Greenwich Park.  It was so incredibly frosty and the sunrise was just beautiful.  I stayed out for a good couple of hours, then went home for a nice hot chocolate to warm up.

Spent the rest of the day finally getting my facebook page and photobox gallery sorted, in order to start selling prints of some of my better photos.  It's still a work in progress (lots more photos to add), but please feel free to check it out (and give my facebook page a 'like' if you fancy - I'd be ever so happy!)  So, so glad to have finally found the time to do that - I've been wanting to since September.

Cooked up a tasty chicken soup tonight (yep, the chicken keeps on giving...!) and desperately tried to get all my photos from this morning edited - I took over 200!  Help!

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