Went down to Kent to see my lovely friend Katherine and her baby today.  Spent a good few hours hanging out at her house, chatting and playing.  It was such a lovely day :)  

Caught the train back home late afternoon and cooked soup again for Tim and me .  Watched telly most of the evening (including an obligatory 'top 100' programme), then walked over to The Point for a view of the fireworks in London.  There were so many people there!  I reckon a good couple of hundred, at least.  Bearing in mind this is 6 or 7 miles away from the fireworks themselves, that's pretty remarkable.  Anyway, we managed to get an OK view, although stood behind a group of incredibly drunk Russians, who were all using their phones as torches to light up each others faces and see their drinks.  They were very good natured and it was quite funny, although a bit of a distraction from the main show.  Good to see the fireworks a short walk from home and for free, though!  Came home and stayed up for another hour or so, then took ourselves off to bed.

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