Got up early to see Tim off to work - and then decided I should go and catch the sunrise in Greenwich Park.  Threw some clothes on, grabbed a cereal bar and headed out in the half light with my camera.  Met a lovely fella - another photographer seeking the morning light - and we both bemoaned the fact that it wasn't all that great.  We crossed paths, essentially swapping viewpoints, and I waited around for the sun to come up higher.  Turned out it was worth the wait!  I headed back over to the main viewpoint, and the other photographer was still there, so we ended up having quite a long chat about photography, locations, shooting weddings, etc - and added each other on flickr.

My face and hands were feeling rather numb from the cold wind, so I treated myself to a coffee on the way home.  Had an incredibly lazy day after that, attempting to catch up a bit with all my photo uploading.  Watched endless family films at the same time - Home Alone 2, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, something with Eddie Murphy, and so on...  Got that holiday feeling!

Settling in for a super quiet New Year's Eve now - drinking ginger beer shandies and waiting to watch the fireworks on the TV.  My partying days are done!  :)

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