Happy New Year!

Sadly, this is about as exciting as my New Year's Eve gets. We were due to go over to our friends' house for dinner and drinks tonight, but Tim is sick :( I stayed in waiting for a delivery today, and it eventually arrived this afternoon - lots of exciting storage stuff from Muji. My shoes are all now neatly organised in my wardrobe, and our CDs are all re-stacked in new CD racks on our shelves (organised alphabetically by artist - oh I know how to live it up!)

Anyway, despite the slightly low-key end to the year, 2013 has been brilliant. Tim and I got married on top of Ben Nevis, had an amazing party with our family and friends and had the most fantastic month-long honeymoon in New Zealand. This year's going to take some beating!

Wishing you all an amazing 2014, with many more fantastic photo opportunities! :) x

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