2011 photo resolution

By karenanya

Blipping frustrating

I've been trying to catch up with lots of missing blips in time for the New Year and my Blip anniversary. It was not without many frustrations with the new site (and I've been trying to be patient and bear with BlipCentral while things get sorted out). Any photos that had GPS information on them led to a lat_invalid error message and the write up got lost (you used to be able to recover this sometimes previously). I finally worked out that you could get round this by using the basic uploader and entering the date yourself. The bug fix section of the help site says that this error is fixed - I beg to differ!

But here I am, all caught up, and I think this will be my 1460th entry. I've got two gaps - one in November last year and one (frustratingly) in December this year. It is fun to look back at the last 4 years via my blips - three jobs, two redundancies, one graduation, lots of exam results, several holidays and lots and lots of wildlife. Not sure what 2015 will have in store and whether I'll continue with Blipfoto - the sense of community has gone from the site now it is so much bigger - but I do still enjoy the challenge of a photo a day. 

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