Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


Wow. I was all lined up to post a picture of my trolley bag in the process of being unpacked with rather a lot of chocolate showing. Then I posted yesterday's entry to be reminded that TODAY is my 1,000th blip!!!

I have been wanting to blip my very early Christmas present which G got me while we were in Cyprus in October. Today presented the perfect opportunity as having travelled over 3,000 miles in just over 6 hours on a night flight, sleep was the thing I wanted more than anything else when I got home! So rest I did... and unpacked, and put the cases away - all very leisurely. So glad I took the day off.

My blip is my Sony projection radio-alarm clock which I love. I've wanted one for ages and have been looking for a while and now I've got it; it still thrills me when wake in the night and just look up to see the time. :) Small things...

I didn't get to my laptop till very late in the evening so this week is going to be catch up with my blip buddies week. The new site doesn't do the balloons anymore which is REALLY sad as I was really looking forward to having the two for this milestone!

I think G will say that Blip has changed my life and I spend way too much time on it and she could be right on both counts. All I can say is how super it is to connect with fellow photo-enthusiasts who are also sharing bits of their life. Thank you Blip Central for creating the platform and THANK YOU all my lovely blip-mates who visit everyday and share your thoughts and take the trouble to comment even through busy seasons! I am a life-time member, so guess I'll be around for a while though I can see that posting every day could become a real challenge. We'll see. :D

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