At the Seaside

I had a wake up call at 6.48am... a earthquake , it really shook this place. At first they said it was a 6.4 and now have put it down to a 6.0. Luckily it wasn't too close to Christchurch. It was centred 30 km west of Arthur's Pass up in the mountains. I was a bit worried as my nephew and his family are in that area just now at the family Bach. They would have had a big shake there. Luckily there hasn't been any damage reported.

I heard from Jamie this morning and so far all seems well and he send me some photos of the cows he found interesting just wander all over the place.

As I had to go out to feed Jamie's cat I took and trip to Sumner and Lyttelton to get the Giraffes I still needed to get. The baby Giraffes along the Top and Middle Left were painted by Mount Pleasant, Sumner and Redcilfts Primary Schools and they are No. 51.

The blue Giraffe Bottom Left and in the Middle is No.43  Cloud Gazer, Artist Sarah Greig. He damaged and was taken away for sometime to get repaired. The other baby ones are from the Lyttelton and Governors Bay school and they are No. 52.

Here  is a link to my other photos of the "Stands Tall' arts project of Giant fibreglass Giraffe sculptures on the streets of Christchurch this summer.

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