That Little Tree Again

After working away at stuff this morning, I decided to get out for a walk after lunch. The day had brightened up from a rainy morning and it felt as little chilly as I started off. The tide was low so I wandered down to the river and along the bank with a low bright sun in my eyes. I realised I was going to need my little tree again but I decided on a more distant view this time, so I set up my tripod on the far side of the bay for this shot.

I was quite warm by the time I'd wandered back up the hill and needed to get some layers off because of the risk of spontaneous combustion.

After this we decided to go into town and buy some new luggage, a matter that's been occupying our minds for a little while now, with lots of research going on. Anyway the job's done now and I'm sure we don't need anything else.


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