I've not taken my camera down to my local jam night before so I decided I would last night. Here we see John and Pippa doing one of their own comedy numbers which was very enjoyable.

Yesterday I settled in to do my online tax return and got a nice surprise. I thought I had to do one this year but not next. I always get confused by this 2012/2013, 2013/2014 business. Why on earth can't the tax year run the same as a calendar year? Anyway, once I logged in I found it didn't want a tax return and that I was up to date. Hmm? I wasn't going to get caught out by a tricksy website, so I hung on the phone for a while and spoke to a real person to make sure. Woohoo!

When I got back from the pub last night, I took a look through my pics and selected the one I was going to blip. Did a bit of a processing job and went to upload. It took me half an hour of trying before I realised it wasn't going to happen because the site was struggling. So we're a bit late with this but it's not a very good pic anyway (there wasn't much light so I ended up using flash). Looks like it might be a better day today so I'm hoping for an outdoor blip.

Hope all's well with you.


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