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By Texann

A matter of perspective

Thank you everyone for your lovely (or "arrrgh") comments and stars for my weird-looking spider yesterday!

I went to see my back doctor today.  The lower back pain, which was being caused by the disk he attacked with the shots I had in November, seems to have gone, but he thinks another two are causing the tingling and numbness in my left leg, so I’ve made an appointment for another set of shots in February.  Those symptoms are the ones that had taken me to the doctor in the first place, but after the pain that developed later, they really don't seem so bad at all anymore.

On the way home, L and I stopped off at Meyer Park again to see what might be around today.  There weren’t as many creatures visible on this occasion but we did still see a few things – nutria, ducks, the lone egret, a sapsucker and squirrels (apparently frantically stocking up for the cold snap we’re about to get). 

Just as we were leaving, I captured this woman taking a picture of her family with her phone. 

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