Amazing what you find . . .

. . . at the back of a drawer. I have been sorting desk drawers today, some of which have not been touched for many years. I love pens and pencils, but how I have managed to collect quite so many I have no idea. Then I found staples for every stapler I have ever had and many that I have never had, I’m sure. Leads for every pencil . . . ! The list goes on.

All sorted!
Then at the back of a drawer I unearthed this lovely thing. It’s a mathematical drawing set, which belonged to my great aunt, and which she gave me a long time ago. The case is quite battered and dusty, but it still has her name embossed on the lid and it still fastens with a satisfying click. It is velvet lined and has a place for each instrument. I presume they are basically brass. Maybe I ought to clean them up. Of course there is a website that illustrates these sets and I think, and judging by the age that my great aunt would have been at school, it is an early 20th century piece.
I have mentioned my great aunt before. An amazing lady of whom I was very fond. One day I will write about her books . . . well actually they are my books, as she left me all her books when she died. The next rainy day!

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