These guys mend things!

Yes! You read that right. In these days of ‘buy cheap, throw away and replace’, these guys make sure that some people can act against the tide.

Six years ago Gordon came back from Manchester, where he had been working, with a coffee machine. We had been debating about buying one for a while, but were finding them very expensive. The one he bought from a specialist kitchen shop was even more expensive than the ones we had been looking at, but he had been persuaded that it was a good investment.
And a good investment it turned out to be. It has made excellent coffee every day for all those years, In fact, as the printout we got today says, it has made 6,357 cups of coffee. We don’t drink that much coffee, possibly two or three cups a day, but we both like a proper tasting espresso – nothing added – made from the beans as roasted at a shop in Carlisle. And this machine has served these up without fail day after day.
Then, a few weeks ago, it started to leak. And we immediately thought – oh dear! It must be on its way out and we may need to start looking for another one. Shaken by the price of an equivalent, we put up with the leak for a while. Then Gordon had the idea of ringing the centre for Jura coffee machines in the UK – in Colne, Lancashire. And they really could not have been more helpful. After several conversations, the result was that we would take it down for them to have a look at.
Which is what we did today. We met Adam, who was the most wonderful guy. He assured us that after a service and a few things attended to, it would last us for many more years to come. We had a day out in Clitheroe and the Forest of Bowland, before returning to collect the machine. I took this photo as the guys were finishing at the end of the day. When we were there in the morning, there were at least four of them at work on machines.
So, we have a shiny new machine, which was our old one. It cost us rather a lot for the whole process, but an awful lot less than a new one would have cost. And Adam assures us that we are okay for at least another 6,357 cups of coffee now.
So, there are people still mending things!!

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