A Meandering Life...

By Skeena

I said just a trim...

Had a list of things to do today. I often write a list but rarely tick them all by the end of the day.

Take Blip photo. √
Haircut & beard trim. √
Take Blip photo. √
Post Office. √
Local Motor Factors. √
Take Morris Traveller for a spin. √
Pretend to have done some housework. √
Upload Blip. (see No. 12)
Phone Virgin Media. √
Shout at Virgin Media. √
Wait for internet and TV to come back on-line. √
Upload my Blip… √

This week’s Mono Monday Challenge saw a wide range of interpretations. Believe it or not I had picked the title before I knew anything about the Polaroid~Blip changes. 

There were a number of Blippers who thought along same lines, new shoots in the garden, new items bought or given. As always there are quite a few images I would have liked to taken myself. You never make it easy for me to pick my stars and hearts. 

For a number of different reasons I have picked the following:

My hearts go to:


My stars go to:


I noticed a few entries only had the monomonday tag. Please try and always add the mm tag with the week number. This will keep the MM Challenge in the right gallery and not mixed up with the other mono Monday Blips.

Next week’s MM challenge is DISTANT with the tag mm50.

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