I may well change my mind on this one and swap it for a whole body shot of the same swan which is technically much better.

Despite all the blur and mess in this one I love the bendy arch on the neck as it feeds. The water was super clear and the pond weeds at the bottom were a wonderful shade of green. I feel like you can really see the oiliness of the feathers now that this is a black and white shot.

I am lucky to live in a very beautiful and picturesque part of the world. The negative side of the coin is that there are huge numbers of tourists most of the year round. A small village near to me is particularly photogenic but you cannot find a parking space there much of the year. Today I bobbed over at lunch and there was loads of parking, so January is the month to descend! An elderly couple were going from a stroll and commenting on the architecture (this is what I had intended to blip). Two Japanese tourists were taking pictures of each other pulling faces as they repeatedly crossed the many bridges. I on the other hand started watching the swans (swans and I don't have the best relationship to be honest) but they were far enough away for me not to get too concerned, just don't remind me they can fly and reach me ok?

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