Eat, smoke, love, meow.

By Meowsers


This Is Jess with tracksuit bottoms ontop of her tights. It was very amusing to say the least.

These are also, juggling balls, decorated as The Beatles! We got bored you see.

Today was absolutely AWFUL. Hurrah. I was texting about 9 people today and being told to lots of different things it was so confusing. I feel lost. Sigh.

I miss you, just so you know?

Jess and Pammy are here, so i'm happy. Charlis coming over later. Actually she's just got here, whoops!

I don't know what to do anymore. If things don't improve after exams then I know that this is my fault and then I will finally give up. but I love pamela so everythings sweet :) <-- This was PAMELAA

Good day for now.


I'm gonna get thee drugs.
Fuck. That's. So. GOOD!

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