Eat, smoke, love, meow.

By Meowsers


So I was given this ring yesterday and when I woke up this morning and Cal had rolled a tab I found it adequate to force this photo to happen.

Last night Jess and Callum stayed over and we ll sat talking about some proper weird shit. For example, having no hands. Pam also wandered about the village with me, pretending to be my wife. It was fun.

I'm going to buy Bethan something to say 'Well done!' for after her exams and I know exactly what i'm getting hehe. It was so strange this morning though, i was listening to Frank turner and just sortof, burst into tears. It's been about a month since i've cried properly because I've felt weird. So this was something knew, and Cal was also a tad confuzzled.

We're going into Prudhoe to see people today and I've been chatting to laura about sparkly shoes. How odd. I do feel a bit odd, I threw up this morning when I woke up, and I haven't been sick when sober, in about..2 years? Hmm, straaaange if you ask me.

How are you all? I will add to my write up later. Happy blipping!


When the evening casts it's shadows
in the corners of my mind.
Every time I get some time to spend
I end up drunk or sleeping in.
I miss you.

You change your mind like chalk and cheese and you know what, i've had it. Maybe you're better off without me girlies, because I can't do this anymore. Today was okay, but tonight was perfect! I love my Pam, Pizza and chatting about how crap boys are for her, what a brilliant way to end my day. I'm getting a job next year unless things improve this summer. Goodbye kids.

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