Rose Lake

Rose Lake, also known as Rose Madder, is a color. Here it is a state of being. When I popped out to the kitchen and looked out the window, I saw this. The lake was lit by the dawn sun. Everywhere else was shrouded in fog. This lasted no more than ten minutes and then the fog took over. By the time it cleared all this color was gone. I was so lucky to happen to be where I could see this when it happened. And, yes, I do think a book of this view in its many manifestations is a great idea. Oh yes. The color is pretty close to out of camera. I did up the vibrance just a tad but otherwise, that is what it looked like. To clarify... this is Lake Whatcom, not Rose Lake.

Today is a busy one. I went to the bridge tournament this morning. Last week my partner and I were the top scoring team by a lot. Not so today. We were lucky to eke out a decent score. Such is the luck of the cards.

This afternoon I have an appointment and tonight Arvin and I are heading to the Mount Baker Theater to hear the Vida Guitar Quartet. This is Arvin and my birthday presents. His birthday was December 31 and mine is coming up in a few days. So I got front row seats for us. We are both looking forward to the performance.

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