Abstract Art

Nope. This isn't a painting. Or a drawing. It is a photograph that I fiddled with. First I took a closeup of a glass paperweight that I made five years ago (the paperweight, not the closeup). Then I used the detail extractor to turn it into this. Using the detail extracted version, I tried several filters in CS CC (CS6): Poster edges, Version one and version two and the cutout filter. I liked the cutout filter version best so here it is. I like how it looks like an illustration or a drawing.

Today was a day filled with appointments and shopping so this is kind of an emergency blip. And tomorrow I am busy too and it is my 1460th tomorrow... I have no idea what will appear here tomorrow. Hopefully I'll have time to do something special. But perhaps not...

And I am still working on the zillions of eagle shots I took on Sunday. Here are still more eagles.

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