What Really Matters?

Five years of blipping today. (It might say six but no, five. Plus 365 back blips so it looks like six.) I missed two, one really early. That woke me up and made me realize I didn't want to miss any. And one half a year later when I just plain forgot. Since July 4, 2011 I haven't missed any. It's been an amazing journey and has ingrained a habit in me to always, always think about what I'm going to blip today. And to always, always look around me to see what is interesting, beautiful, sweet, strange, and grist for the blipping mill. I like that habit and don't plan to stop doing that. However I do plan to take it all more lightly and let some days pass without a blip.

Today I photographed three members of our family. Duma's sister Mehitabel has never been a "shoulder cat" so she is not in the picture. But she is a full fledged family member just like her brother Duma.

You all by now know Arvin I am sure, as I frequently talk about him and sometimes post his photo as well. We met forty years ago when we were both in the midst of transition. We ended up in the same therapy group and the first time he took me in his arms (for comfort after a difficult therapeutic event) I knew that I belonged in those arms forever. It took awhile but eventually that knowledge became reality. We moved together in 1978 and married 25 years ago before moving here to the Pacific Northwest. He is the kindest, gentlest, sweetest man I know. And even though he has Alzheimer's he is still all of those things. And still funny and smart and playful. And the love of my life. He is what matters most to me in all things! The rest of my family, including the kitties, and my friends are right up there with him.

Goodness I find myself tearing up here... gulp. I guess this means that in spite of Polaroid and changes and growing pains, Blip still means so much to me. Being able to document my life and share my artistic creations with you all means a great deal. So I plan to keep on posting. And I plan to continue moving back in time to include things that happened in my life before January 10, 2010 when I posted my first blip.

I want to say also that so many of you in the Blip community are my friends. I care about you. I care about your lives. I love seeing your wonderful photographs and learning so much about creating and seeing. You are an amazing bunch of folks. You all manage so well at "being excellent" and at sharing your worlds and your photographs. Thank you for doing that and for including me in your lives. It means a great deal.

As I mentioned above, I may not post every day any more. And I may well comment as little as I have lately or perhaps even less. I've noticed a gap in my life where painting used to be. Because of how difficult this last year has been, and the needed shift in my priorities, my painting has suffered. I have not painted in my home studio once. That really has to change because painting matters too and I miss it. So I do expect to comment less. But that doesn't mean I'm abandoning you guys, or Blip. I care too much about you and have way too much of my life invested here. So I'm here to stay.

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